The Wildlife Sound Recording Society does not condone the use of 'call down' (playback of recorded sounds in the field in order to attract birds) except for bona fide scientific research.

Sound Library

Here are the latest additions to the library.

  Title Species Country Location Details Recordist
listenPainted StorkPainted Stork
Mycteria leucocephala
India Phil Riddett
listenPied WagtailPied Wagtail
Motacilla alba yarrellii
WalesPembroke, Skokholm Island A series of advertising calls given by a bird holding territory. Variously rendered as ‘slee-vit’ or’ tsee-LITT’ In the background is a Sedge Warbler (faint) and two species of gullGordon Edgar
Turdus merula
EnglandCumbria Roger Boughton
listenBlue TitBlue Tit
Parus caeruleus
EnglandCumbria Roger Boughton
Fringilla coelebs
EnglandCumbria Roger Boughton
listenCoal TitCoal Tit
Parus ater
EnglandCumbria Roger Boughton
listenLapwingLapwingScotlandHebrides Roger Boughton
listenSparrows Chirping in the RainHouse Sparrow
Passer Domesticus
EnglandSuffolk, Ipswich, Garden Richard Mudhar
listenBar Tailed GodwitBar Tailed GodwitEnglandCumbria Roger Boughton
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