WSRS 2016 Spring Field meeting
16th - 23rd May Skokholm island, Pembrokeshire, Wales

We had a good week on Skokholm island, many thanks to Richard, Giselle and their 3 assistant for making our week so enjoyable and productive recording wise, despite the weather and the full moon.
12 members spent the week on the island, full report to follow in the Journal.
Here are a few pictures and sounds in the meantime.

WSRS group Skokholm 2016

     "The loneliness of the long distance recordist", waiting for puffins
     In spite of the frustrations of the full moon, the gale force winds and the rain, I really enjoyed the Spring Meeting on Skokholm. I succeeded, with some difficulty, in getting everything on my hit list: puffins, petrels and shearwaters in the burrow, puffins wheeling and shearwaters above ground. It was a fantastic week in a fantastic location, in the company of old friends and new acquaintances – read all about it in my forthcoming report in the Journal. Simon Elliott

    Wheeling puffins in Crab Bay © Simon Elliott

     After dark Manx shearwaters start flying in to their burrows. © Simon Elliott

Getting ready to record storm petrels

     Getting ready to record storm petrels © Simon Elliott

     Skylarks singing over the fields © Paul Pratley

     Puffin in a burrow © Simon Elliott

     Puffins at crab bay © Robert Malpas

     Puffins flying by
Auks on the cliffs

     Auks on the cliffs, guillemots, razorbills with the occasional fulmar joining in.
     © Paul Pratley

   Wrens have an interesting song variation on the island.

I had a go at photographing fulmars, not very successfully! Paul

   It's behind you!

   Jens had far better luck at photographing fulmars

   Discussing Max shearwater vocalisation after a night's recording.

   Alan doing his early morning exercises.

   The long nights start taking their toll.

   Taking the introductory tour of the island

Lesser black back gull colony 1 from Paul Pratley.

Lesser black back gull 2 from Paul Pratley.

Sunset 2 Skokholm from Paul Pratley.

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